Residential Inverter

Hamlin Energy Solutions is proud to provide the Most Reliable Inverters by PV Powered.

PV Powered inverters deliver maximum energy harvest from your PV system with high reliability and work-class efficiency significant software integration and modular design combine to create a scalable platform with fewer components and higher uptime. By employing fewer parts and ensuring those parts are of the highest quality, PV Powered has created a line of residential grid- tied inverters that spend more time generating electricity and less time being repaired. Should repairs become necessary, PV Powered residential inverters are backed by a service reimbursement program unparalleled in the industry and our NABCEP-certified installers offer the best repair and replacement service to get your system back up and running in no time.

Additionally, performance monitoring is available which includes low cost, secure web-based access to your system’s status and performance history. With PVM1010 option, you can maximize your system uptime and protect your solar investment.

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