Commercial Inverter

Hamlin Energy Solutions is proud to provide the Most Reliable Inverters by PV Powered.

PV Powered commercial inverts combine the benefits of high reliability, low lifetime cost and leading efficiency into one easy to install system. Their cutting edge design features the latest advanced in power technology including an intelligent power module that uses fifth generation, self-protecting IGBT silicon, the most efficient and reliable silicon technology available. System reliability is ensure by superior quality components including integrated 98%-efficient Energy Star-rated transformer with field-configurable AC voltage output; acid-free, long-life, film-type capacitors; and a medical-grade DC power supply that provides clean; reliable power to system control components.

The PVP30kW and PVP75kW are designed for trouble-free installation with UL approved, load break rated AC and DC disconnects. The modular design enables rapid field service and field upgrades. With corrosion- resistant, aluminum construction and at half the size and weight of comparable products, they can quickly and easily be installed in your preferred location, indoors or out.

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